What Can Ozark Softball Fans Expect in Autumn?

What Can Ozark Softball Fans Expect in Autumn?

The next softball season is just around the corner. If summer ends on a successful note, Ozark Lady Tigers should have a great season ahead. Ozark’s softball team suffered a lot of injuries last year and the result was a few close defeats. The season ended with a score of 15-15, however, the team didn’t let that get them down. In the off season, the team focused on hard work and on improving team cohesion, they also worked on strength and flexibility.

Off-season training should ensure that the players get stronger and faster. According to coach Jimmy Nimmo, the team grew together in the summer and now it is time to go all steam ahead. This year, one of the pillars is Kenna Mayfield again. She has been under the spotlight in the team quite recently because Mayfield was part of the first team of the All-Conference and the second team of the All-Region. She has had excellent ratings and has now been chosen to take on the role of leader again. Therefore, she should lead the offensive.

Two Supports Return

The Ozark Lady Tigers appreciate the return of Abby Ford too. She was injured last season and had to skip games. Ford worked hard to get back to where she was before her knee injury. Abby Ford is said to continue softball in college too. Savannah Hughes also returns to the pitch in great shape. She, too, had to cope with several health setbacks in the last season. Her coach expects wonderful things from her and stated that he sees a bright future for Hughes.


All these facts make the coach optimistic about the new season. Overall, the team should bring more power to the field. The coach names good preparation as the basis for a successful season. He is delighted with what his players have achieved so far. If all players are now aggressive and self-confident, the results will be accordingly better. In his opinion, the potential is there and now it is just a matter of believing in it and projecting it on the field.

Ozark Lady Tigers can also rely on many new and exciting young players, these will definitely complement the existing team and fill it with new momentum. Many of the fresh players should move up to the regular crew in autumn. The trainer sees this as the basis for ensuring that everyone involved gives their best. If everyone stays healthy, Ozark’s team could take advantage of it. Many of the young players have immense potential and can play in various positions. They, therefore, deserve a chance on the team. If the coach manages to plan the team composition well, the entire team will benefit. Now everybody hopes for the playoffs. After all, the Lady Tigers won seven district championships in eight years and reached the Final Four once. At the start of the season, the team will meet Jefferson City.

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