Netflix Created A Monument To The Ozarks

Netflix Created A Monument To The Ozarks

Netflix has set a cinematic monument to the area of ​​the same name with its series Ozark. What initially looked like one of the many series in the streaming broadcaster’s catalogue has become a hit. The reason why the media didn’t pay so much attention to Ozark at first was undoubted because of the unspectacular cast. That seems to indicate a series from the second row. But the public was not right. Three seasons of Ozark are now available. The fourth season should now finally conclude the story.

Ozark focuses on Marty Byrde (played by Jason Bateman), his wife Wendy (played by Laura Linney) and their two children Charlotte and Jonah. From the outside, it’s a perfectly ordinary American family. But the external appearance is enormously deceptive. Because the financial advisor Marty has been secretly working as a money launderer for a drug cartel for years. One day their boss gets wind of the fact that Marty has allegedly cheated on him out of several million dollars. When the gangsters threaten his life, the desperate Marty offers to get the money back. At the same time, he proposes to the cartel to move to the seclusion of the Ozarks. From there he wants to launder $ 500 million for the cartel in the next few years. That should succeed with the supposedly great investment opportunities that the Ozarks would offer the cartel. The drug lords agree, but that’s just the beginning of the fight for Marty. First, he has to convince his unfaithful wife and his two ill-tempered children to give up their lives and move to the wasteland quickly. As expected, this turns out to be problematic. When he finally arrived in Missouri, the financial advisor had to find out that the locals are not stupid.

A Difficult Place

They don’t like strangers here, and they certainly don’t like strange investment opportunities that are said to be very profitable. The Ozarks turn out to be a difficult place for the family. Marty doesn’t give up and struggles to build up his illegal business. But not only the reluctant people of Ozark soon turn out to be a problem. His family is not exactly helpful and anything but support. But then something strange happens. The deeper the completely divided family gets into the vortex of lies and violence, the more they weld the problems together. Wife and husband, as well as children and parents, come together again and take up the fight together.

The cast of Ozark is unusual at first glance. After all, we all know Jason Bateman from comedies. Laura Linney hasn’t had the chance to show her true potential on the screen that often. But in Ozark, both found their dream roles. Ozark is the right place for anyone who appreciates series without significant special effects and values ​​great storytelling. The complex story has numerous twists and turns. The series relies on a high narrative pace and uses the concept that had already made Breaking Bad a success. Every solution to one problem leads to two more. So the audience stays in tune. The characters reject the usual stereotypes. Acting meets thriller elements here. The story takes place in a down-to-earth reality of life and makes it understandable. Season three ends with a cliffhanger, the fans are now eagerly awaiting the resolution in season 4.

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