The Legend of The Lost Silver Dollars in The Ozarks

Treasure hunters around the world have most likely heard of the massive stash of silver coins that are hidden in the region of the Ozarks. The legend started somewhere during the time that the European settlers landed in North America. The legend was unearthed by the Spanish explorers who came through the Missippi river from … Read moreThe Legend of The Lost Silver Dollars in The Ozarks

White Rock Mountain

There are three rustic and unique natural stone cabins at this recreation area of Ozark National Forest, along with a natural stone lodge. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) build all these buildings in the 1930s. Each comes with stone patios with a view of the forest, wood furniture crafted by the CCC, and a stone … Read moreWhite Rock Mountain

Ozark National Forest

The Ozark National Forest in Arkansas protects some of the South’s most rugged, historic, and scenic country. The national forest covers 1.2mn acres and is where you’ll find a wide array of points of interest, ecotourism opportunities, and historic sites. From multiple points across a large part of the northern half of Arkansas, you can access lakes, picnic areas, campgrounds, hiking trails, waterfalls, and mountain scenery, as well as other historic and natural features.

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Ozark Highlands Trail

Arkansas is one of the most outdoorsy states in America and works tirelessly to promote itself as a point of interest for those who enjoy such outdoor activities as hiking, fishing, and camping. It even calls itself “The Natural State” and features varied topography: misty lakes, prairies, cypress-draped bayous, hardwood forests, and a countless number of unnamed creeks.

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Why You Should Try Camping in the Ozarks


If you’ve read through any of the articles on this website, you’ll already have some idea of why the Ozarks are such a great place to visit. These mountains are home to some of the most beautiful sights in the whole of the USA, attracting flocks of visitors every day as well as continuing to delight those lucky few who call this area their permanent home. With such an abundance of natural beauty on all sides, the Ozark mountain range is the perfect place for a spot of camping. Whether you’re interested in forest bathing, hiking, fishing, canoeing, birdwatching or any other outdoorsy activity, camping is the best way to truly immerse yourself in the experience.

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Must-See Filming Locations from the Netflix Show Ozark – Part 2

The heart of the lake is at Bagnell Dam Strip, which is superbly kitsch. If you’re in the mood for ice-cream, need a pair of sunglasses, or feel like getting a tattoo, you’ can get all of the above at this colourful strip of stores and bars. Netflix shot a scene at the arcade, as … Read moreMust-See Filming Locations from the Netflix Show Ozark – Part 2

Must-See Filming Locations from the Netflix Show Ozark – Part 1

Netflix drama Ozark starring Jason Bateman as financial adviser Marty who launders drug money for the Mexican cartel shows off some stunning Ozark scenery. In the show, Marty takes his family and leaves Chicago for Missouri, particularly the Lake of the Ozarks (or the Redneck Riviera). As Marty finds out, the Lake of the Ozarks … Read moreMust-See Filming Locations from the Netflix Show Ozark – Part 1

Things to Do in the Lake of the Ozarks

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